Dealing with wind.

Spring and fall in Indiana can see some windy days, with gusts blowing across the field and causing mayhem for goalkeepers who aren't engaged in the game. What are some of the considerations for a goalkeeper?

1. Know which way the wind is blowing.. and don't assume it won't change direction! (Corner flags are a great way to tell this).

2. Shots with the wind behind them will travel at great speeds. Be prepared to parry/deflect away, vs catching. Conversely, shots against the wind will die, so you may need to attack the ball.

3. Consider your starting position on the field. When the opposition is playing against a strong headwind, they will struggle to play long balls. As your team mates step up and pressure, so your starting position will become higher up the field. Be ready to sweep up balls that don't carry to you!

4. On set pieces, adjust your starting position as necessary. Will a corner kick have a crosswind behind it? Maybe drop back a yard deeper than usual. Is an inswinging free kick going to have the wind behind it? Get those heels back to your goal line.

5. How will your distribution be affected? Punts against the wind will hang, so is a throw or roll a better option? Think about these possibilities before they happen.

Good luck, keepers!