Let it snow..

Playing soccer in Indiana has many challenges, especially during the winter. Cold weather and snow are major issues for a goalkeeper to deal with - here are a few tips to help you survive the elements!

1. Dress appropriately. To perform, you still need to be able to move, so a big winter coat probably isn't a great idea. Several thin layers will help keep you warm, and allow for full movement.

2. Keep active. You should always be moving in goal as you adjust your positioning, but knee tucks can help keep the body prepared for more explosive movements. Also, keep fingers and toes moving!

3. Warm up properly. It may not be appealing to be diving in snow, but if you don't get fully loosened up in warm up, then you put yourself at risk of injury once the game starts.

4. Use halftime to get warmth back into your hands. Replace GK gloves with regular gloves, and either use hand warmers, or hold a warm beverage to get the blood flowing into those digits again.

5. While playing... don't let snow accumulate in your cleats. Bang them on the post to clear snow and mud; it will help avoid slippage. 

6. When taking goal kicks, try to clear an area for both the ball and your plant foot, to reduce the risk of slipping when you strike to ball. 

Best of luck out there!