Summer Camps!

The sun is out, the wooly hats have been put away... it's time to for our summer camp schedule!

Tryout Prep Camp.
Come and sharpen your skills in preparation for tryouts week. It can help reduce stress when you have confidence in your handling and abilities, so get those reps in!

June 8-9
Grand Park, Westfield IN
U11-U19 boys and girls
$75 for both sessions.

IGA/SSS Keeper and Striker Camp
For those who have not attended one of our combo camps; these are a lot of fun! Goalkeepers will receive technical training for the first part of the session, before combining with field players for finishing exercises and games. Each day ends with small sided games, with the goalkeepers being coached within the games to focus on their decision making and application of technical skills.

July 24-27
Lawrence Park
U10-14 boys and girls

Junior Fall Prep Camp
Get ready for your fall season with our junior prep camp! A goalkeeper-only camp, technical exercises are at a premium to help you sharpen up with the club season just around the corner.
July 31-August 3
Marian University
U10-U14 boys and girls

College/HS Prep Camp
As the name suggests, this camp is designed for the high school/college keeper preparing for their pre-season training. Training is intense, and prepares goalkeepers both physically and mentally for what they will be going into.

July 31-August 3
Marian University
U15-College boys and girls